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Bring Catechism Class Online

Confirmation instruction is important, but time is often short as you work to teach the doctrine in Luther's catechism over the course of a year. Use your time wisely by harnessing the power of online education as part of your regular confirmation instruction.

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Communicate Better

Post classroom announcements to a central location. Send automatic email announcements to parents and students Give students a central portal to submit questions and comments to the pastor for discussion.

Quiz Online

Administer all your tests and quizzes online and save classroom time for instruction and discussion. Students get instant feedback about their answers. Save time with automatic grading on quizzes and tests.

Distribute Course Documents

Eliminate excuses like, "I lost the worksheet" when all course documents are available online. Provide a convenient way for students to replace lost documents. Save paper and toner by reducing the need for printed documents.

Expand Discussion

Satisfy inquisitive minds with online question and answer discussions. Give answers to questions that didn't get answered during class time. Give personal, private, written feedback to individual students after quizzes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Learning Press allows you to save your online courses for use in years to come. Learning Press support helps you when you run into basic problems. Learning Press maintains the software and hosting environment so you don't have to.

Use Powerful Tools

Use the same software package used by schools and universities around the world. Learning Press expands as your classroom creativity does. Try new methods using all the features of Learning Press software.


Pricing is straightforward and honest. All plans are annual subscriptions.

Catechism Basic $140

Includes robust web hosting on SSD cloud servers; full control over software, courses, and other settings; free access to tutorial videos; 1 GB file storage. Great for do-it-yourself flexibility.

Catechism Plus $240

Includes all the features of Catechism Basic, plus prepared test and quiz questions ready for you to use right away. Great for pastors who want to save time and don't have dedicated IT staff.

Catechism Premium $290

Includes all the features of Catechism Plus, plus high-quality handouts to accompany each lesson. Learning Press handouts provide students with a useful summary of each lesson.